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Sports Branding Roadmap for High School & college athletes

At Jefferson Sports Enterprise Inc., we offer distinct services to assist athletes effectively in monetizing their NIL. Our expertise and one-on-one approach help athletes promote their brands. NCAA allows college athletes to make money from endorsements, and we are here to make it feasible for athletes to earn money from their NIL in the simplest manner.

Personalized Services

At Jefferson Sports Enterprise Inc., we understand that each client's requirements are unique and that pre-packaged services will be ineffective. But don't worry; our professionals provide individualized service for each client and pay attention to their specific needs.  


Certified, Licensed, and Bonded

We are a certified, licensed, and bonded business and arrange athletic counseling programs for college and high school athletes. We guide the athletes to profit from Name, Image, and Likeness for sports endorsements. Please reach out to learn more about our services.